Sunday, February 9, 2014


I was watching the recent movie American Hustle the other day. One of the songs featured in the movie was the song Jeep's Blues. This song is also featured at the end when the closing credits are rolling. Now I had really forgotten what a hip tune this really is. From the Duke Ellington album titled Live at Newport this is one great cd and a great tune. Now I must admit I used to have this cd but ended up selling it because the sound quality wasn't very good. I ended up buying the reissued two-cd set with greatly improved sound quality. After watching the movie I pulled out this cd again to re-visit it and it is even better then I remember. Not hip to jeep's Blues? Check it out and hip up!


So on one of my trips to the market in Viet Nam I saw a pigs head sitting there for sale. Huh? What? A pigs head? What are you supposed to do with a pigs head I wondered? I dunno….I have no clue. How do you serve this? Cook this? What exactly are you supposed to do with a pigs head? Now I'm sure there are probably many ways to eat a pigs head but I personally have no clue whatsoever. Oh well….Because this definitely caught my attention I just had to take a photo for my many readers. enjoy! HAHA!


Now I know many of my readers have been anxiously awaiting photos and comments from my recent trip to Viet Nam. So while I was in the city of Hoi An I would pass this barber shop every day. Hmmm… old fashion shave sounded interesting but I was just a little confused by the clean ear sign. I mean what do you get? what do they do? Do they clean your ear or just clean the shaving creme out of your ear? I dunno……all I know is I passed on the shave and clean ear. Maybe next time. HAHA!