Monday, May 27, 2013


Now one of the many things SAXOMAN likes to do is spend an afternoon in the move theaters watching the latest releases. Now usually I tend to miss several of the hottest releases and have to wait until they come out on DVD. Not this year! So far I am up to date with all the latest movies and sometimes enjoy the two-for-one special. What? Now here is SAXOMAN's recommendations for what I've seen so far:

  • Iron Man - See it! (if you like the other two Iron Man movies you are sure to like this one as well, I know I did. Lot's of action.
  • Fast and Furious 6 - See it! The stunts are bigger and better then ever and a ton of action. A tank? What?
  • Star Trek - See it! An action packed movie that even the wife enjoyed.
  • Gatsby - Pass, save your money guys. Now although the wife liked it guys, steer clear.
  • Hangover III - Pass - A real stinker! I was sadly disappointed in this one after thoroughly enjoying the first two. The funnies part of the movie? During the closing credits when there is actually a hangover scene.
Anyway, SAXO will keep you posted as I see more movies. Hey, where's the Asian cinema reviews? Patience grasshopper, patience......


Yes, believe it or not it's true. Sushi burritos. Who would've thought. Now a while back I was in my customary position of lying on the sofa flipping through the channels and came across the Food Network and they were showing various food trucks. Now one truck that caught my eye was the Sushi Burrito truck, Yep, I kid you not. In L.A. anything goes. Anyway the truck is called Jogasaki and is bright orange with a pic of a samurai man wearing a sombrero! What? Yep, too hip. Anyway SAXOMAN heard the truck was going to be in Little Tokyo on Saturday and being a frequent visitor of Little Tokyo SAXOMAN decided to check it out. On the train ride over I was checking their menu to decide what I would get. many choices. Now their web site said that they would be there at noon but they were nowhere to be found. SAXO decided to head over to the German place (my last blog post) with the wife and have a large dark German beer to open up our appetites a little more. Anyway, after the beer we walked outside and the truck was just getting ready to open and we were first in line. Oh yeah......Now I can say we ordered a fair amount of food. For my it was the Lobster Burrito with the Salmon Ceviche Taco, What? The wife had the Shrimp Tempura burrito with the Firecracker appetizer. We sat down inside the Angels City Brewery and devoured our meal in a matter of minutes. mmmm, mmmm good! So another SAXOMAN recommendation. Check it out!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Yes, believe it or not it's true. Great German food tucked away on a side street in Little Tokyo. Who would have thought? Now the wife and I recently discovered this gem while on one of our many excursions exploring the sights and sounds of Little Tokyo. It seemed like a lot of people were coming in and out of this place so we decided to go in and check it out. Once inside we found they had a wide variety of unique and exotic sausages (Rattlesnake! Alligator! What?) as well as many other delicious and unique sausages. SAXOMAN opted for the Buffalo sausage mixed with Pork and Chipotle sauce. Mmmm...Excellent! The wife was brave and tried the rattlesnake. Excellent! I must say that the Belgium fries are also a real treat as well as all of the many choices of German and Belgium beer on tap. Now the wife and I opted for some great dark German beer to wash down our tasty meal. A great place and SAXOMAN recommended! Oh sorry, I forgot to mention that the name of this place is Wurstkuche and is located on 3rd street in L.A. Check it out!


Well as expected "the wife" took great offense to my last blog post even though I did not mention the country. So it appears freedom of speech no longer exists. Freedom of the press? A thing of the past. I guess these things do not exist in this household. SAXOMAN has regrettably taken down his last blog post in order to keep peace and tranquility in the household. I  have been neutered, stripped of my dignity and artistic freedom. I have been censored for the first time. Many apologies to my many readers. Jeez......

Thursday, May 9, 2013


A few years back the wife and I took a trip to Costa Rica. One of the things I noticed was that almost all of the women in Costa Rica wore low cut tops and push up type bras. Basically this pushed the boobs up for a better look for all to see. Now I remember riding a bus to the other side of the country and as usual the bus was stuffed with people. So I'm standing up close to the front door of the bus and I notice a lady with very large boobs and the low cut top. She was also holding a baby too. Anyway, I look around at all the people on the bus and glance back at the woman and there it is. A big boob right in my face! What? OK, now maybe not right in my face but as I turned back the lady was breast feeding her kid on the bus. Oh well......

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Now every once in a while the wife will say the most ridiculous things. Recently the wife said "you know, you should think about getting rid of those cd's and dvd's". Dead silence on my end at first. I then gave her the "are you crazy look". i then said "WHAT? Get rid of my cd's? and my dvd's? What? Where did you come up with this nutty idea? I said, NO WAY, I'm taking these to the grave! HAHA!