Sunday, October 30, 2011


OK, this is the story of The Hamburgesa otherwise known as The Hamburger. Now your probably wondering if that's a real double cheeseburger in the photo. Well I am sad to say it is not. What it is though is a very, very large piggy bank! What? Yes, this giant ceramic hamburger is over 11 inches tall. Now I had picked this "hamburgesa" (the Spanish word for hamburger) up in Mexico several years back and have been stuffing it with quarters and the occasional bills. Well it finally reached capacity so it was time to bust it open. Out poured more money than I had ever seen in my life except the last time I busted open my other hamburgesa. Although I has hoping for more money than was in there I was able to count out $1,000 in cash! What? Yep, I kid you not. Now I must say that it took forever to roll up all of those quarters (over $600 worth) and even the cats fell asleep as I was doing this. So SAXOMAN has a grand that is now burning a hole in my pocket! HAHA!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Finally a decent action movie from Hong Kong! After seeing many of the latest dopey comedies out of China and some painfully slow dramas from Japan and Korea there is finally an action movie I could sit back and enjoy. So with that being said this weeks coveted DVD Pick of the Week is Wuxia starring Mega-superstar Donny Yen. Now I'm not sure how many movies Donny makes a year but this has to be at least the third or fourth one this year! What? Yep, I kid you not. They crank out the movies a lot faster overseas than in the U.S. I had seen this movie for about a month but could never find one with English sub-titles that is until my last visit to Chinatown. Now although this movie dragged a bit in the middle the action scenes in the beginning and end more than made up for it. What? You haven't seen it? Well at least enjoy the trailer for this fine piece of cinema.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Now I have seen many dreadlock wigs sold as fake, novelty type items but I don't think I've ever seen someone seriously wear one of these ridiculous looking things until yesterday. What? Yep, it's true! Yesterday yours truly was riding the train to Amoeba (what? Amoeba again?) and a guy got on the train. Now I had to stop and stare because curled up like a big giant bowl of spaghetti was one of these large dreadlock wigs. Now what made it painfully obvious was that the guy had a black beard that was mostly grey and his hair color was the same. The dreads? Now these were a deep, deep brown! Not a good match at all. Anyway, for those of you that wear these things just make sure it's a good match of your hair color. HAHA!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It's been a while since I posted my Jazz CD Pick of the Week so here's a winner you're sure to enjoy. This week's pick is titled Blue Flames by organist Shirley Scott. Now I will typically look under Shirley's releases when browsing the cd bins. Why? Well for those that don't know, Shirley was married to tenor sax legend Stanley Turrentine and he is featured prominently on this cd. Uptempo, blues and a ballad make this anther fine release you are sure to enjoy. Not hip to this? Follow the link and give it a listen!