Monday, April 29, 2013


Because SAXOMAN is an international guy and a man of the people, I decided to take a trip to Koreatown (otherwise known as K-Town) to check out the action. The wife and I hopped the train and off we went. Due to a slight miscalculation (on m part) we ended up getting off the train a little too soon. So.....we get off at MacArthur Park and lo and behold there is Langer's deli. Hmmm....maybe I should stop in and get one of their world famous pastrami sandwiches also know as the # 19. No, I gotta stay focused. Anyway, we ended up walking a good distance to our lunch destination while passing through several Guatemalan and El Salvadorian neighborhoods. I guess it was a good thing I had that carnitas taco at the grand Central Market. Mmmmm....
Anyway, once we reached our destination the wife and I feasted on Guey Guey, Fried rice with Kimchee and several tasty side dishes. Now I must say we had a great deal of difficulty understanding our waitress but she tried to help with our order. After stuffing my belly we then asked the waitress at the front if the train station was close. With my full belly there is no way I could walk all the way back. The waitress tells me "no, we not closed" Jeez....oh well.....Luckily the train station wasn't too far away so I hit the seat and relaxed all the way home.

Friday, April 26, 2013

$5 BLU-RAY'S? - OH YEAH...

Now I have to admit that I hadn't started converting my dvd collection to blu-ray dvd's. I just didn't buy into the hype and even blogged about it a few years back. Now what recently caught my eye was the release of the new Tarrantino blu-ray of Django Unchained. Now being a big fan of Quentin I was planning on getting this anyway. Now what caught my eye was that Best Buy was offering all of Tarrantino's other movies on blu-ray for only $9. What a deal! So I quickly scooped up several of these for my collection. Now the following week Best Buy offered another deal. Bring in any dvd and get $5 off of any blu-ray dvd. What? So I traded in my regular dvd's of Tarrantino movies and picked up some other choice titles. Now I specifically looked for the movies that were on sale for $10 so with my coupon I could get these for only 5 bucks! Yeah, what a deal! I have quickly added several choice titles to my collection (Scarface, The Departed, Goodfellas, American Gangster, The Dark Knight, etc...) What's next? Well I guess I should get a blu-ray dvd player now. HAHA!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


This weeks long overdue Latin CD Pick of the Week is Perez Prado with the cd titled Mondo Mambo, A best of compilation released from my good friends at Rhino Records. Now what made me decide to pick a mambo cd as my pick? Well as you all know I've been watching Dexter lately and the first few seasons featured a lot of Cuban and Mambo music rather prominently. So with that been said a recent trip to amoeba found this gem in the used bins. Not hip to Perez Prado? Check out one of the many videos from YouTube and hip up!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


OK, because I've been sick the past few days I have been able to go through several Asian dvd's and try and catch up on the backlog. I know my many readers (2? 3?) look forward to being steered in the right direction so know it's my duty to keep the public informed and hip. Several of the movies I have recently watched have been so-so mindless entertainment things (female assassins, J-Pop Wanna-Be Samurais, Hong Kong Triads, etc...) Now one film that has stood out from the rest (so far) is a movie titled The Last Tycoon starring my man, Chow Yun Fat. Now I must say that I've never seen a bad movie from Chow as he always seems to take his roles seriously and avoid any cheezy movies or dopey comedies. A mixture of drama/action and a love story thrown in for good measure. A film you are sure to enjoy. Not hip to The Last Tycoon? Check out the trailer for this fine piece of cinema. SAXOMAN recommended!


Yep, you heard right. Poor little SAXOMAN is sick in bed with a cold, flu or whatever this thing is. Now I can tell you that being sick is no fun as I've done lots of sleeping and laying in bed for the past two days. Now on the positive side, being sick in bed does have its upsides. It has allowed me to catch up on several of my Asian movies that have been piling up so look for a DVD Pick of the Week soon. HAHA!
P.S. This also explains multiple blog postings today.


OK, now don't worry. SAXOMAN is not a serial killer. I mean how could I be? Right? I mean you all know that I'm a pretty squeamish guy so stabbing and cutting up a body just wouldn't work for me. No way! HAHA! No, what makes me draw the comparisons with a serial killer and myself are the character Dexter from the Showtime series about a serial killer. Recently I started watching dvd's of Dexter and so far am on season six (of seven) seasons. Now I have really enjoyed Dexter so far but it is having a serious impact on my Asian dvd watching. I've got a ton of dvd's backing up in my queue that who knows when I will get to. Classics that will soon be my dvd picks of the week (Sleepy Eyes of Death, Lone Wolf and Cub, Samurai Assassin, etc.) Anyway, as I watch Dexter I notice a lot of similarities between myself and Dexter. I am neat and organized. I surgically lay out my morning bathroom supplies the night before. I put my keys, phone and badge all in a certain place and in a certain order. I keep my emotions at a distance and dancing? Just not my thing! HAHA!  Hmmmm....maybe I am Dexter.


The other day I was driving down the road and noticed a low-ridin' Lexus cruising next to me. I looked over and this white Lexus was sporting bright turquoise rims! What? Yep, I kid you not. Now I know that it's spring and all and pastel colors are supposed to be in but turquoise rims on your car? Come on now! Now I'm all for customizing cars but sometimes these custom tricks just don't work like this one. Anyway, turquoise rims? Not for Saxoman!

Monday, April 1, 2013


Once again due to a lack of quality releases in Asian cinema lately I've decided to reach back into the vaults for an oldie but a goodie.. Here is a classic piece of Japanese cinema from way back to 1954 titled Sansho the Bailiff. Not an action movie but an emotional drama where a mother is kidnapped and kids are sold into slavery. An emotional well told story that will remain with you long after the movie has ended. Here is the trailer for this fine piece of cinema. Check it out!

GET OFF OF MY LAWN - Grrrrr.......

Now don't worry, nobody is on SAXOMAN's lawn. No way! What I have found is that as I have gotten older that I am becoming less patient (or cranky). Maybe it's just a sign of aging or the fact that people are just more irritable than before. I dunno......all I know is I seem to have less patience for bad drivers, rude people, noisy kids, etc...etc....Maybe it's me but I really think it's everyone else. HAHA!


The other day I was driving down the street with the wife and saw someone dressed up in a costume. Now as you know I am easily amused and always get a kick out of people dressed up in costumes. Lately because it has been tax time I have seen a lot of people dressed up as the Statue of Liberty. I dunno but I guess that has something to do with tax time. Anyway, back to my story. I saw this character dressed up like something (see photo) but had no idea what this was supposed to be. I asked the wife and she said "that's an android" Ohhhh.........I had no idea. Anyway, I threatened to honk at him (it?) and wave as I always do but the wife threatened me with a "don't you dare". Oh well....