Sunday, November 24, 2013


Yes my many readers, as promised SAXOMAN once again took off for another well deserved vacation (What? Again?) Yep this time SAXOMAN and the wife took off for a brief 10 day trip to Spain. Now I must say that I sampled as many as the different foods and wines as I could and had a great time doing it. Soaking in all of the local sites SAXOMAN was thoroughly impressed with the overall experience of Spain. Now this impressive photo that I took is of the well known Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Designed by Frank Gehry you can see the distinct style as well as the similarities to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles which was also designed by Mr. Gehry. A great trip with many adventures and photos to come. Now just so you know this is only Part 2 of the Traveling Man because SAXOMAN is off on another adventure in late December! What? Is SAXOMAN rich or something? Does he have a full time job? What's going on? No, SAXO is not rich and holds down a full time job like the majority of the world. Stay tuned for more exotic adventures in the life of SAXOMAN…..

Monday, November 4, 2013


Now maybe I have been putting this off for a while. Who knows? All i know is that small type is no longer as easy to read as it once was in my younger days. I find liner notes on cd's to be really tough on the eyes unless it is bathed in light. Now maybe I'm just vain or what but I think for the most part my eyes are still in pretty decent shape. Maybe I can hold out a little longer? Maybe…. Now what if I get glasses? Will people call me Einstein or Braniac or even worse four eyes? Will people assume I know the square root of an isosceles triangle because I'm wearing glasses? Hmmm…..will my boss think I'm now more intelligent? HAHA! Who knows. All i can say is stay tuned to see what happens in the life of SAXOMAN.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Yes you heard right SAXOMAN is done being the DJ. That's it, no more! I am done! Now there's nothing that happened recently that made me come to this decision but is just something I've been thinking about for a while. Now I must admit that I used to take great joy in creating the music mix for one of my many parties. I would painstakingly pick out music for my "pre-party mix", meaning something lively as people are coming in and saying hello to everyone. This would go on for a few hours and then I would kick it into high gear with my "party mix" which would last for several hours and get people up and dancing. You had to balance it out - for example you couldn't put two merengue songs side by side as people would be exhausted so you had to mix it up a bit. I would then slow it down as people are leaving and have my post-party mix when people could unwind from the party and just relax and talk. So what's the problem? Well no matter what I would play someone would always come up and ask me to play something else. Can you play something a little faster? a little more danceable? A little slower? a little louder? etc…etc…. Huh? Now I would never think of asking someone to change the music at one of their parties but I guess some people have no problem doing this. So these requests completely disrupt the flow of what I had put together music wise and is really irritating. So no more……I'm done. If you're over my house I'll just play whatever I want and no requests (sorry) and don't ask me to provide music for your party because I will politely decline (sorry). You are on your own so good luck with your limited music collections. OUT...