Monday, November 28, 2011


Now I have to say that I've never really got the whole fist bump thing. I mean to me it just feels so unnatural. It's not like slapping' five or doing the regular handshake or the classic "bro" shake. To me it's more of an odd, impersonal type of thing. I mean, where did this come from and whoever decided this was hip? Now whenever anyone sticks their knuckles out at me it's like a don't know what to do. Do I barely touch the knuckles? Do I hit the knuckles hard? I dunno.....Then there's the people that go BOOM! and make and exploding motion after the fist bump. I'm sure you've all seen that one. My theory is once you see these things being done on TV sitcoms then there time has probably come and gone, like the fist bump. Anyway, just my two cents on the fist bump.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


The other day I'm relaxing getting my car washed because as you all know SAXOMAN cannot drive a dirty car. No way! Anyway, there were a couple of cars that had been done for a while and just sitting there but the drivers hadn't claimed them. The guys kept looking at me as if one of these cars were mine. Sorry, I can't help you. That's not my car. Anyway, I then see a guy running across the street that had just come out of the local bar. What? Yep, I kid you not. He then proceeds to pick up his car and drive back across the street to the bar for more drinking. What? I then see a lady run across the street and do the same thing. I guess they wanted to make the most of their available time and have some cocktails while they were waiting. I dunno.....oh well, so much for drinking and driving. Be careful out there!

Friday, November 25, 2011


Now I don't know about the rest of you but I think this whole Black Friday thing has gotten way out of control. It used to be that you could enjoy your Thanksgiving and worry about shopping the next day. Now? No way! This Black Friday madness has gone to new levels of craziness! I saw that people had been camped out at Best Buy for days waiting to be the first in line. Where stores used to open at 6:00AM, and then 5:00AM now it has gone way overboard. Several stores were opening at midnight and not willing to be outdone, other stores decided to open at 10:00PM and even as early as 6:00PM! What? Yep! Sheer madness! Now this morning I saw that one lady pepper sprayed several people just to get her stuff! What? Yep, whole new levels of madness I tell you. I guess the lady figured that was one way to get her stuff. HAHA! Anyway shoppers, be careful out there or else you may get pepper sprayed.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


SAXOMAN would like to wish my many (2? 3?) readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! Now today is a day to spend the day watching football, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, or The Twilight Zone marathon (my personal favorite). On top of this you have an excuse to eat until you burst! Now how can you not love a holiday that centers around food right? So I want all of you to give thanks for all of the good things in your life like being entertained by the mindless ramblings of this blog right? HAHA! Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The other day the wife and I were at the store looking for a pair of shoes for me. As we were waiting for the salesperson to bring me my size I noticed a large pair of shoes on the bottom rack. I told my wife "look at the size of those shoes! Those must be about a size 16 or something". My wife said to see what size they were. So I picked them up and I'm looking and looking and then finally I spot the size. What??? A size 12! What? Are you kidding me? This can't be! I wear a size 12. Those things are huge! My feet aren't that big are they? The wife told me to try them on so I gave it a try and barely squeezed into these things. HAHA! Anyway, SAXOMAN won't be purchasing this style of shoe anytime soon! HAHA!


Yes my many (2? 3?) readers, this is SAXOMAN's Maiden Voyage blog. Huh? OK, let me explain. This is my maiden voyage (meaning my first blog posting) with my new Apple laptop. Yes, SAXOMAN has gone mobile! I can now blog from anywhere! From the comfort of my sofa while watching Asian cinema, from Starbucks (oh, that's right, I don't drink coffee), or anywhere there is an Internet connection. I consider myself armed and dangerous. No longer tied down to my old, ancient desktop. I am free. Now does this mean more blogging? Well I can't guarantee that but I will be much more comfortable when I'm blogging. HAHA!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Recently I watched a Sonny Chiba dvd titled The Karate Bullfighter. What? Yep, I kid you not! Now in this movie Sonny fights a real live bull and tries to karate chop him to death. What? Now some of this fight scene was real and some was pretty fake like when Sonny pulls off the bull's horn and blood shoots everywhere. Gross! Now I have seen a good share of ridiculous movies and this one has to rank right up there. Now after this movie I watched the other trailers that were on this dvd and what's this I see? Another movie titled The Karate Bearfighter! I guess one hit movie deserves a sequel right? HAHA! So I quickly checked the three dvd set I had just bought and lo and behold I had this movie too! HAHA! So I sat down and watched this as well and I must say it was a pretty dopey movie and the bear was totally fake. Oh well......Anyway, as you all know SAXOMAN is easily amused!

Monday, November 14, 2011


I remember many years ago when this cd by Branford Marsilis came out. The title of the cd is Crazy People Music. Now I remember Branford being on one of the late night talk shows where he played a few cuts from this cd. They asked him how he came up with the title for the cd. He said someone had invited a friend of theirs to come hear Branford play for the first time. After the set Branford walked over and asked her how she liked the music. She seemed a little disturbed by the music and said "that sounds like crazy people music". Branford was a little confused. He said "do you mean music that they would play for crazy people?". She said, "No, it's like you gave crazy people instruments and told them to try and play". HAHA! A story I always remember. Anyway, here's a cut from this cd for all you crazy people out there.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


This weeks Jazz CD Pick of the Week is a new release by Miles Davis titled "The Miles Davis Quintet Live in Europe 1967" (The Bootleg series Volume 1). Volume 1? Yes, that means there's more to come later! Oh yeah... Now this recently released gem is actually 3 cd's and a dvd! What? Yep! This deluxe four disc set captures Miles and his group during his 1967 tour of Europe. The CDs features 24 tracks recorded live in Antwerp, Copenhagen and Paris. The 10 track DVD was recorded in Germany and Sweden. A great cd as this quintet takes the standards they were currently playing and stretches them to the limits. Here's the official advertisement for this set. If you're hip to Miles then check this out!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I have to say that sometimes I feel like I may never grow up. I mean I'm a guy that still enjoys drinking Slurpee's! When it's hot out the wife and I will go to the local 7-11 and cool off with a refreshing Coke Slurpee. Now I have to admit that one day I tried something new and different and no I don't mean one of those odd flavored Slurpee's they sell at the movie theaters. I was driving on the freeway and got off to get gas. I go into the 7-11 or AM/PM and they had the new Vanilla Coke Slurpee. WHOOAA! This was outstanding! Where have you been all my life I thought. Now the Diet and Regular Vanilla Coke flavors didn't stay around too long but that Vanilla Coke Slurpee was hands down the best Slurpee ever! What? Yep, I kid you not! HAHA!


Although a day late I just wanted to wish my many (2? 3?) readers a belated Happy Halloween! Now for those faithful followers of my blog you know that Halloween is not one of SAXOMAN's favorite holiday's. No way! Being the squeamish guy that I am I just can't get into the flesh eating zombies and all that other gory stuff that people think is what Halloween is all about. Give my some good old fashioned ghosts, goblins and harmless pumpkins. That's about all I can handle. Now I must say that I do enjoy all the chocolates and candy that people bring into work the day after Halloween. HAHA!