Thursday, April 26, 2012


It had been way too long since I had taken a trip to my favorite music store, Amoeba. Now for those that haven't been, all I can say is that Amoeba is the best, hand down! See the photo to see what I'm talking about. You know I know some so-called music fans that have never been to Amoeba! What? You know who you are! Anyway, the best selection of new and used cd's, records and dvd's. It is truly heaven and I feel I will pass out from music overload when I go there. I hopped the train and in a short while there I was. I walked in, grabbed a basket and my mind started to race. Where to go first? The Soul section? Reggae? Latin? World? Jazz? Head upstairs to check out some Asian dvd's? Well I spent a lot of time in the Latin and Jazz sections and quickly had my basket overflowing with cd's. I decided to skip looking at the dvd's and had to put a few things back due to not having enough cash. So what did I do next? I decided I needed to go back the following weekend and buy more! What? HAHA! Yep, so last Saturday SAXOMAN went back and picked up another basket full of jazz and latin cd's. Oh yeah, I also picked some nice dvd's like Soul Power, Wattstax and The Fania All Stars Live in Africa. I've been on a cd spending spree lately. Now I just have to find time to listen to all of this music!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Now I'm sure that you have all seen many signs that say Se Habla Espanol (We Speak Spanish) however today I saw something a little different. While driving home on the 60 freeway I saw a sign on a car dealership that said Se Habla Espanol and Chinese too! Now this reminded me of a recent trip to New York where the tv commercials (also for a car dealership) said Se Habla Espaol and Italian too! HAHA! You gotta cater to your customers!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


This weeks DVD Pick of the Week is a recent Thai movie titled Yamada that I had picked up on a recent trip to Chinatown. I don't see a lot of Thai movies but have stumbled across some good ones at times. It has been a somewhat slow period for Asian (Hong Kong and Chinese) cinema so this one is getting my coveted pick of the week. Now not by any means a great movie but there is still plenty of action to keep most entertained although a little bloody at times. Anyway, here's the trailer for Yamada. Check it out!

Friday, April 13, 2012


I've worked at various company's in my lifetime and no matter where I go I always seem to find someone who has perfected what's known as "the art of looking busy". What? OK, now let me explain. There always seems to be certain people at the company who you will see always walking around with papers in their hands, walking fast and also with a frustrated look on their face This gives the impression that they are annoyed, in a hurry and extremely busy. There are also those that stack papers a mile high on their desk and always have an annoyed, overworked expression on their faces. This gives the impression that they are overloaded and too busy to be bothered. These people always appear to be too busy when you ask them a simple question. HAHA! Slackers! Now I don't really know how some of these people are able to keep their jobs but I guess some managers are easily fooled by this trick. Now I'm sure many of you have noticed this and for those that haven't, keep your eyes open because they're out there. HAHA!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I was thinking the other day of something I did when I was young and single. I fronted the athletic look. What? OK, now let me explain. You see, I wanted to look somewhat athletic but didn't really play any sports while in my early 20's. So wanting to look like I played tennis I stopped off at Big 5 and bought me some white (very short) tennis shorts and a Poncho Gonzalez tennis top. I was styling'! I looked just like a tennis pro! Like I had just stepped off the court. I was quite a site for the ladies looking for that athletic man. HAHA! Now I'm not quite sure what prompted this somewhat odd behavior from me but I just chalk it up to being young and dumb. Frontin' the athletic look HAHA! What a clown!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Now I know I have blogged several times in the past about people that use old slang and I am sad to report that there is just no end to it. People seems to do this all the time! The other day at work someone said to me "Hey SAXOMAN, what it be like". Huh? What? Are you talking to me? Now I have to say that I haven't heard this expression in many, many years. I was stunned! Shocked! I didn't know how to respond. I was speechless. My co-worker just looked at me, shook his head and walked away. I guess he figured I was just ignoring him. Little did he know that I was shocked at this retro slang being thrown my way. HAHA!