Friday, April 30, 2010


Well I saw my first Laker flag on a car today. I was wondering where all of the "Faker Fans" (Fake Laker fans) have been lately. These "Faker Fans" are usually the "fans" that start putting flags on their cars and wearing Lakers stuff after the playoffs start. These are the same "fans" that all year long watch American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, or any number of other things on tv instead of watching the beloved Purple and Gold (Lakers) and being a real fan. So to all of you "Faker Fans" out their, put those Laker flags on your car and pull out your Laker gear because the Lakers have just advanced to the next round of the playofff! WHOOHOO!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Way back on 7/9/09 I blogged about writing a screenplay. Now I'm sure you are all wondering what's happening with the screenplay right? Well I can tell you that there has not been much happening at all. Nothing at all! I did pick up a copy of Screenwriting for Dummies which taught me some things about introducing characters, creating conflict, etc. and I do have the overall story and certain key scenes formulated in my head. The next step is to put it all down on paper and then let the bidding wars begin as all of Hollywood will want a piece of this! Anyway, one day I'll get around to writing this so you can all see my vision on the big screen. After that I'll be walking down the red carpet and thanking everyone as I accept my Academy Award. Stay tuned! HAHA!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The wife will frequently see cd's or dvd's lying around. Being the suspicious person she is, she will typically ask a sarcastic question like "Something new?" or "Hmmm, been shopping again?" Me? I look at her with pure disgust and shake my head from side to side for her asking such a ridiculous question. My stock response? "I already had that!" HAHA! If only she knew......

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Now I have to admit that I have been pretty much in the dark as to what Anime was all about. I mean I had seen shelves full of these dvd's at Best Buy but didn't know anything about this phenomenon and I'm still kind of fuzzy on it. Anyway, Anime usually refers to a style of animation originating in Japan which is heavily influenced by the manga (Japanese comics) style. This typically featuring characters with large eyes, big hair and elongated limbs, limited motion and other distinctive features. Now why am I telling you about this? Well SAXOMAN decided to find out what Afro-Samurai (an Anime dvd) was all about. Seeing as Afro's photo graces this blog I felt it only right to look into this. With Samuel L. Jackson performing the voice of Afro as well as his alter ego (Ninja-Ninja) and music by the RZA (formerly of Wu-Tang), I figured this was a can't miss. And you know what? I was right! If you haven't checked this out then give it a try. If you are a fan of Japanese samurai flicks (Zatoichi, Yojimbo, Sonny Chiba, etc.) then gives this a watch. SAXOMAN recommended! Here's a short clip from this dvd.


One of the disturbing things I see when I drive is animals that have been run over by cars. Maybe it's because I have a love for animals that I don't want to look. Another big reason is that being a squeamish guy there's no way I want to look and try and identify what kind of animal it is. No way! I cannot turn my head fast enough otherwise this image will be embedded in my brain forever (or a really long time). Sorry but SAXOMAN cannot look at these types of things.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I've worked with some pretty hairy guys in my lifetime. One of the things I always get a kick out of asking them after they get a haircut is, "did they charge you extra to trim the back of your neck" or "did they trim the hair on your arms for free?" HAHA! I'm a funny guy....yes, I am.


When I was a kid, if you "dropped a dime" on someone (ratted them out) you were either beaten up after school, ostracized by all your classmates or any number of other tortuous things. From the many prison movies I've seen you would be shanked (knifed) and killed on the spot. What I find amazing is that in the working world "dropping a dime" seems to be a constant and acceptable practice. Nowadays it is called "throwing you under the bus". Either way it's ratting people out and I just don't get it. SAXOMAN would never engage in this childish behavior as he is well versed in the laws of the street. Anyway, after your co-worker "drops a dime" on you, you then have to be polite, smile and work together to be a team player. Jeez......I just wanna smack anyone who does this to me. I guess this is what's known as acting professional and showing restraint. I guess this is all part of being an adult. I guess.......

Friday, April 16, 2010


Alicia Keys wants SAXOMAN! What? Well I don't mean she wants me physically or wants my advice on music or her career. No, actually I received an e-mail yesterday from one of the many jobs sites advertising that Alicia Keys was looking for a head blogger! What? Yes, I kid you not. Now who could be better qualified for this job then SAXOMAN? I mean I have a blog that's read by millions (well maybe a handful) and I also have a vast wealth of knowledge on many subjects, especially the entertainment industry. So what's the delay Alicia? SAXOMAN is here! I will be patiently waiting by the phone for your call. HAHA!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well I told you about my first job (delivering newspapers) and my second and third jobs (bustin' suds) so let me tell you about my fourth job. My fourth job was working in a wood shop. Yep, the dreaded wood shop. I can tell you that this was one horrible job! This was without a doubt the nosiest place I have ever (and will ever) work! We had multiple saws going at once, several sanders going at he same time, all kinds of power tools being used and the big blowers which are typically outside of the building were inside the building! The noise was relentless but this was only a small part of the job. My job? I was gluing wooden boxes together all day long. I would use a roller to put glue on the ends of boxes and then assemble the boxes, clamp them up and wipe up the glue. I was bending over a table and doing this all day long! A really horrible job that I must have done for at least a year. Here I was 20 years old, a high school graduate and working like a donkey! No fun at all! I can tell you that I even took a cut in pay when I left this job. HAHA!


Well it's that time of year again. NBA Playoff time! Yes indeed! After many months of games the regular season finally comes to an end. Now being a true Laker fan I really look forward to the playoffs every year. I can't imagine rooting for a team that never makes the playoffs. Anyway, during the playoffs you see a whole lot of great games and at least two every night! I can honestly say the wife won't be getting much out of me in the coming months. HAHA! I look forward to my beloved Purple and Gold (Lakers) defending their NBA Championship and adding another banner to the wall. I must admit though that my Lakers have not looked good at all lately and I am hoping they turn it around as the playoff start. We shall see.......Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I'm not sure why but I frequently see people eating and driving at the same time. I have never really understood this at all. Now I have no problem with eating a little snack (apple or fiber bar, etc.) but what I see is people munching on a big giant hamburger or a large ice cream cone while trying to drive. Maybe food is just too important to me, but I would pull over and savior my meal before I would consider driving anywhere. Eating and driving? Not for SAXOMAN! What do my readers think? Am I the odd one here?

Sunday, April 11, 2010


As a young kid I used to ride a skateboard around town as my primary mode of transportation. One of the crazier stunts I remember doing is this: I used to live on a pretty busy street and there was a small hill and then a busy intersection at the bottom of this hill. What me and my brothers would do is put a skateboard under each foot (like we were skiing) and then go riding down the hill towards the busy intersection. If the light was green we would jump the curve and sail across the intersection with skateboards under each foot. If the light was red, we would jump off the skateboards prior to reaching the intersection and the skateboards would then go flying across the intersection all by themselves as cars honked and people yelled at us. HAHA! Today we would probably be arrested for something like this but back then it was just crazy fun. Anyway, just some crazy things we used to do.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Can a guy ever have enough t-shirts? I think not! I think t-shirts are the most comfortable thing a guy could ever wear. Not only that but the t-shirts that you wear are also a way to advertise your various tastes in musical artists, record stores, fashion, politics, tv shows or whatever. I personally wish I had a job that I could wear a t-shirt to but sadly that is not the case. The best thing is that the more you wear (and wash them) the more comfortable they get. My wife keeps threatening to get rid of my old t-shirts as I stuff my dresser drawer fuller and fuller. My solution? I hang some of these gems in the closet instead. HAHA! Anyway, here's an image of an Afro-Samurai t-shirt that I thought I would share with my many (2? 3? readers).

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This weeks DVD Pick of the Week is Spike Lee's 1989 film, Do The Right Thing. I saw this movie when it originally came out and recently added it to my ever growing dvd library. You may have passed on this dvd thinking it is a comedy but it is much more than that. Although this film does have its funny moments, it is really taking a hard look at race relations in America. The 20th Anniversary Edition is definitely the one to get as it has over 4 hours of extras and of course I watched every bit of them. Here's a brief excerpt from the film that I think you'll enjoy. Check it out!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up and there was no Easter basket filled with candy! What? OK, now I have to admit that when I was young kid I really believed in the Easter Bunny. As a kid waking up on Easter Sunday there was always an Easter basket filled with chocolate bunnies, chocolate Easter eggs, jelly beans, and a whole bunch of other candies sitting by my bed. Yep! I kid you not. Now one night I actually woke up and saw my Mom putting the Easter baskets by our beds but she gave me some excuse and of course I fell for it and went back to sleep. Anyway, one way or another I'm gonna get me a chocolate bunny today! HAHA! Happy Easter to all!